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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Edit Cast Cast overview: Edit Storyline Europe's elite sluts get their 'freak on' having X-treme sex that should come with a government health warning. Sluts r us com Keywords: Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Private Xtreme Filming Locations: Prague, Czech Republic. Production Co: Fraserside Holdings Coom.

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Consequently, our bodies also remain the problems to be resolved, woman looking nsa Babson Park to be solved, whereas the digital becomes the precise, the rational, the quantified and the definitive. In the case of the DPS MMS, this emerges as the indeterminate identification of bodies that sluts r us com crime but cannot be held culpable, and technologies that have no agency but require regulation.

Or in sluts r us com Pink Chadi campaign, the presence of bodies in public spaces render them slutty, and their use of technologies also taints the technological, thus making it evil. In both the cases, there is an uneasy tension about eau claire singles connection body-technology-slut triangle that is symptomatic of a majority of the discourse around gender and technology. The biological actions of the slut, in all her gendered practices, identify the body as the site of sluts r us com, thus identifying it as having a perverse agency xluts its promiscuity.

However, once the slut has been identified, she is reduced slutx a name — as a passive object — that is acted upon by the technological. The slippage between sluts r us com technological and the biological is also mirrored in the slippage in language. A slut is also a noun — a name — and thus reduced to nothing but a static sputs which, in its naming, is robbed of its agency. This binary slts being active and passive, of being a verb and a noun [ 10 ], of being a slut and acting slutty, is a response to this apoerea.

I invoke the figure of the slut to illustrate this task — of making porous the boundaries of body and technology, digital and gender.

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Instead of privileging either the body or technology as actor or site, I propose a framework of not separating gender and the digital, where we use concepts and processes to make digital technologies or gendered bodies ambiguous. Within computing, plug best dating sites for gamers play PnP is sluts r us com self-configuration process where new hardware devices within a connected network are discovered, interacting with the rest of the network without human intervention.

PnP has a long history beginning with the emergence of NuBus inwhich ensured that previously incompatible computers could communicate with each other through established protocols Sluts r us com, NuBus introduced the idea of an agnostic peripheral interface that tests the sluts r us com in a network against various protocols and drivers before establishing a temporary bridge between. Since the early days of NuBus, PnP has become one of the most important paradigm for the various distributed components of computing networks to work with each.

It is also a process of writing and being written. It is temporary and activates at the sign of trouble. PnP devices, in their temporary connections, open themselves up, allowing deep penetration and an exchange of encoded information.

The connections are always short lived, dependent on proximity and connectivity. Any sign of connectivity dysfunctionality or hardware failure massage cape girardeau mo the connection, and often removes all traces of that brief encounter. PnP devices are designed to be essentially adulterous, moving from machine to machine, performing multiple pairings, creating a redundancy of connections which are not always on, but are always ready to be activated.

I propose that we read plug and play, as a metaphorocol — a way by which the scope of the protocol is expanded to go beyond explaining technological exchanges match free trial 7 days configurations, and also a way by which the practices of sluttiness are not ascribed only to the biological body, but are firmly established within the context of computational network design.

The plug and play metaphorocol defines the ways in which our computational social networks sluts r us com — establishing a state that is temporary, ephemeral, momentary; a brief encounter, a slight interaction, sluts r us com minimal touch, no lasting connections, and yet a permanence that carries with it the finality of contagion, of termination and of a system crash.

Plug and play, the sluts r us com to insert a device into an existing infrastructure of computing, enabling brief but intense exchanges, and then parting, redefines access and connections within computing. Instead, it emerges as a moment of configuration — of writing and being written as sluts. As in the DPS MMS case, the slut was written in the bodies of the actors, in the identities of those consuming it, and in the networks of sharing.

Slutss the Pink Chaddi campaign, individuals configured themselves as sluts — not just writing themselves as such, not actually providing a testimony of slutty practices — but as making themselves accessible as swingers granville to plug and play as defined by the political temperament of the moment.

To illustrate the metaphorocol of plug and play, we will thus have sluts r us com look at sluttiness both as a biological as well as technological practice.

That tiny thing that comes in different colours, shapes and sizes, rests in your hands, slides within your fingers, changing hands and owners and masters, and travels without discernment, infecting and being infected by data in obscene surpluses, is probably the sluttiest computing device in our possession.

In fact, the flash drive is promiscuity and stealth all rolled in to one. Unlike sluts r us com always turned on devices of pleasure and perversion, the flash drive is actually off-line. It stays off the grid. It surfs under the radar. And yet, wherever there is a sluts r us com of digital transactions, like persistent rashes, the flash drive appears. The flash drive, like the drives of the flesh, leaks and leaves traces and residues, imprints and vulnerabilities that expose the very infrastructure of sluttiness, rather than just the user in practice.

Just lookin for Gresham and women only in the case of the biological plug and play slut sluts r us com in the repetitive, compulsive, neurotic need of the digital to count, recount xluts reveal, sluts r us com flash drive creates an environment of suspicion, containment, security and threats. While its actions might have a sexual structure, it also lays bare for us different intersections of the sexual with the world gay glasgow craigslist the digital [ 12 ].

In thinking of the slutty body without destiny and the slutty flash drive without destination together, vom can look at digital ux not as a name, not as a description of a body that is engendered by the technological, or indeed as technology being tainted by the practices of the body.

As the slutty body and object both are configured at the moment of usage and infection, leakage and distribution, we escape the apoerea of the slut as a noun and verb, as active and passive, as writing and written.

The latest Tweets from sluts'r'us (@amberduds). i love sluts, whores, skets and hoes, nuff said. We updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Our new policies become effective on September 30, By using our services after September 30, . Excerpt from "Friends" - Season 8 - Episode

The slut in configuration, rather than a slut in being or uz, complicates the discourse single jewish girls agency as it has emerged in scholarship around digital gender. Agency, even when not equated with sluts r us com, has been variously identified in binaries of bodies gaining access to or bodies accessed by the technological.

While there is a rich debate about the notions of agency, it has been unable to escape from the anxieties of what we do with technologies and what technologies do to us.

In the figure of the configurable slut, agency takes on a different connotation. In the development discourse of Achuthan or the feminist essentialism of Haraway, sluts r us com has been the tendency to think about the lack of complete agency as a position of victimhood — of being fractured or broken. Instead of thinking about the location of agency in either the gendered body singles in beckley wv working technology, digital gender, as a moment of configuration, offers the possibility of thinking of agency as distributed and stealthy.

Wendy Chun argues that the function of digital is to convert memory into storage. We work with machines that remember, and thus reduce our own capacities for recall. We live with devices that write themselves, but this writing happens in a stealth mode. In stealth computing [ 13 ] or promiscuous modes [ 14 ], computing devices perform a series of actions that are dictated by software, algorithms and network protocols.

We know, in the post-NSA sluts r us com that devices and networks have a long memory. The emergence of privacy as one of sluts r us com key concerns of our times, is not just about the presence of invasive technologies, but also about the ways in which we no longer know the total uses of our machines and technologies.

It is also indicative of the number of operations that our digital devices perform in order to disguise their uses. The agency of the digital subject, then, is located in how we perform acts of stealth and visibility. It is one of the biggest paradoxes of the digital subject — especially the quantified subject — that we simultaneously crave hypervisibility and extreme anonymity, constantly performing critical trade-offs between our need to be seen and our right to be forgotten.

The digital slut, in the moments of configuration, embodies this paradox to the extreme. Revenge independent escorts in bangkok, a particularly noxious form of user-generated content, invites people to upload images and sluts r us com of their sexual escapades for rr viewing.

Women and men in these videos are generally unaware of their bodies being sluts r us com in various d of undressing, stripping or sexual intercourse.

Slut shaming is a prime example of the distributed and stealthy nature of agency amsterdam escort processes of configuration. In the interventions that emerge, these women are only portrayed as victims of non-consensual pornography, denying them agency sluts r us com their sexual practices and precluding them from negotiating with these images.

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Hunter Moore, the founder of the revenge porn site IsAnyoneUp. Ironically, a case against Hunter Moore maths teacher sex stories his associates was sluts r us com fought on grounds of access. Illegal use to images, which could otherwise be called sexual selfies, became objects of slut-shaming through protocols and conditions of access.

Agency, thus, is attributed to conditions of promiscuity and stealth and what is made accessible and sluts r us com within the digital. Agency is not located either in the sexual consent of the body, its desire and effect or its negotiations with meanings attached to images.

We need to recognise that stealth and promiscuous computing are the default of the connected digital technologies around us. Thus, a body that sluts r us com rendered legible and intelligible to these technologies will be configured as a shared and distributed object.

Its agency will need to be recognized not only by its appearance in digital content, but in its ability to control and contest the processes of replication, transmission, streaming, downloading, storage, sharing, and consumption. If we think of agency in these distributed processes of information and data management, it hot lady wants casual sex Frankfort possible to argue that the construction of the digital slut is in its negotiations with these agencies.

The gendered body is rendered slutty through access, transgression of protocols, question of design, making itself available as data streams distributed through stealth and promiscuity. Sluttiness online, then, is not a specific state attributed to the sexualised body, but rather an ontological state that determines that all digital configurations of zluts are essentially slutty.

Through exposure, repetition, sharing, replication, and uncontrolled proliferation, it reconfigures our bodies and sluts r us com towards specific fom. In other words, to sluts r us com digital is to be slutty.

We are all sluts.

And if we are all sluts, then two questions are telling: Why are only certain kinds of slutty bodies punished? Which are the other policed and contained sluts r us com that emerge with data practices in information societies, which might have intersections with blk chub w small cock 18th street latina pussy in orlando digital slut and need to be engendered by feminist practices and discourse?

In order to answer these questions I need to recapitulate a thesis I proposed earlier. Digital gender, as a moment of configuration, seeks to go beyond human-computer interaction discourse which thinks of the body and technology either through an aporetic relationship or through access and usage. In looking at the sluts r us com slut and instances of slut shaming, I hot girls from guam argued that we need to find a way to combine the protocols of technology with the metaphors of the body, and look at them sluts r us com inseparable, inextricable, and inalienable.

Digital gender offers us new possibilities of embedding gender in digital activism, opening interventions and discourse of gender to new technologies of control and freedom that are a part of the universe of Internet governance and regulation. Currently, conversations around data revolve around hackers and storage.

Information traffic analysis concentrates on interception, encryption and new kinds of leakages coom arise through whistleblowing and collective information activism. Each of these discourses creates other conditions of digital shame and control — pirates, pornographers, whistleblowers, terrorists, perverts, trolls and crackers.

As we move into data societies, with our plug and play bodies and devices, we need to recognize that surveillance is ubiquitous and anonymity a nostalgic artefact. As we produce data and information, construct profiles, add friends, update statuses, upload pictures and share thoughts and next dating show mtv, the configuration of digital gender sluts r us com to find intersections slufs digital regulatory sluts r us com.

We will have to find solidarity with activists working on questions of intellectual property, data retention and security, free speech and expression. Digital gender has to be located cok a post-Snowden world.

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It has to be understood in the context of a universe where Aaron Swartz is dead Atkinson and Fitzgerald, It needs to be seen both in Jada the Twitter warrior [ 15 ] who fights back, but also Amanda Todd Todd,who kills herself because she is slut shamed by her peers. Conversations on gender illustrate how other categories of discrimination — class, caste, sluts r us com, race, location, sexuality — are amplified digitally.

However these conversations do not recognize the metaphorical and regulatory functions of architecture, policy, code, protocol, algorithms as metaphors and narratives that form, inform and format our slutx.

Considerations of digital gender sluts r us com allow bbc wants to play to build intersections between digital regulation sluts r us com bodies, with clear implications and intentions. Nishant Shah is the founder and director of research for the Bangalore-based Centre for Internet and Society. Dhamaka is the Hindi word for explosion. On the auction site Bazee.

An interview with Murthy, about the making of u film and its impact is available at http: The final judgement of the case, Avnish Bajaj v. Stateon 29 May by J. Muralidhar is available online at http: This notion of sluts as women visible in local shemale dating sites, and constructed through their presence in particular spaces and at certain times, still persists in India.

After the very high-profile Delhi rape case ofwhere a young woman slhts home after watching a movie with her friend, was gang raped so brutally g she died, there were still people who implied, if not insisted, that she was asking for it. Despite the fact that she was a good, educated, ua girl, training to be a doctor, and chaperoned by a male escort approved by her parents, the fact that she was loitering in public late in the night seemed to be a sluts r us com enough to label her as a slut.

Hence, the argument goes, while suts are very sorry this happened, she must have been responsible for it in some way.

The defence lawyer who was defending the gang of men who raped the woman on a moving ue, went on record to say that the young woman, now dead, was to blame. If it was his daughter returning home so late in the app thunder, in the company of a male friend, he would have ccom. Slutss politico, representing the women and children welfare ministry in Karnataka, questioned the clothing choices that the rape victim sluts r us com wearing and sluts r us com that these slutty practices and choices were at least partially to blame.

Women and risk on Mumbai streets New Delhi: Penguin,provide a great historical analysis of how the entry of women in public spaces has always been regulated by either the threat of rape and assault or by deriding them as available and slutty.

sluts r us com The Facebook page for the group, which also captures the dramatic turns of the campaign, can be accessed at https: The Pink Chaddi Campaign was the brain child of Nisha Georgetown Georgia girls whip like to fuck, a then reporter with the news magazine TehelkaJasmeen Patheja, the sluts r us com of the Blank Noise Project that does public intervention around gender in public spaces, and co-conspirators Mihira Sood and Isha Manchanda.

More details about the campaign can be found on its blog at http: Instead, her cyborg was an ironical creature because it resisted the essentialising myths that imagine a history of the pristine body as untainted by science and technology. Haraway traces the cyborg as having its origins in systems and industries of domination and warfare, and thus essentially a monstrous thing.