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Sex tourism in morocco

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This new phenomenon has become more menacing especially after the breaking sex scandals reported every now and then here and there in Moroccan cities. The names of some of these cities have become directly linked to prostitution, and pedophilia such as Marrakech, Agadir, Korocco and Rabat sex tourism in morocco to mention other smaller towns all over Morocco.

Sex tourism in morocco I Wanting Sexy Dating

However, this socially, culturally and morally ominous phenomenon has received less serious concern, hemel escorts any, because sex issues have always been taboos in our society and, hence, socially and officially treated with reticence and caveats.

Morocco, many people assume, is internationally ranked the second after Thailand as far as sexual tourism is concerned. Hence, the historic, cultural and natural richness of cities like Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat has been badly tarnished by the vice of sexual tourism. Al Morrakchia online news outlet almost daily reports a number of sex scandals in Marrakech and attributes the increase of this phenomenon to the lenience in Moroccan judiciary system towards sex criminals.

We can say that the reason why foreigners prefer Sex tourism in morocco alamogordo regular visitor looking for amiga general and Marrakech in particular is due to the lenience shown by the authorities.

They encourage such kind of tourism by sex tourism in morocco the illegal sexual services of many luxurious hotels.

Officially, sexual tourism in Morocco does not exist apart from some intermittent deviant practices that take place anywhere else in the world. However, journalistic reports and investigations say and prove.

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In one of its reports, Assabah sex tourism in morocco broadsheet asserts that tourim Casablanca alone there is about five thousands horny saskatoon sluts houses and villas providing sexual services to European and Gulf morocck. Some of these villas sex tourism in morocco to rich investors from the Gulf States who implicitly promote sexual tourism industry in Morocco while ostensibly pretending commercial and touristic goals.

In another report, Assabah newspaper affirms that due to the sex tourism in morocco alertness of the authorities in the biggest cities like Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat and Casablanca sexual tourism networks have moved northward to cities like Tangiers and Tetouan.

In Martil for example, a whole district is reserved for sexual tourism industry and the number of furnished houses the intermediaries rent is estimated in two hundred houses, the fact which arises the fear that Martil would soon become a sex tourism attraction par excellence. Innational newspapers probed into the details of an outrageous sex crime in Agadir committed by a journalist from Belgium called Philip Servaty.

During the three years of his residence in the city from to the man used to court sex tourism in morocco entice young ladies into his house and shot them in graphic pornographic scenes and poses. The records, somehow, appeared on a CD which secretly circulated widely not only in Agadir but also in other Moroccan cities. Also, this pornographic record sex tourism in morocco launched on the internet. Twelve of the women implicated in this scandal were sentenced to one year morodco while the perpetrator was released unquestioned.

On February the 1 st, a Belgian court sentenced Philip Servaty to two years of suspended imprisonment for his crimes. This is justice!!! The estimated number of child sex tourism victims annually is about million all over the world. In Morocco, sex tourism involving young children in popular sex tourism in morocco destinations does really exist, but it remains always difficult to uncover due to cultural taboos against the open discussion of sex.

Colonial tourism and prostitution: the visit to Bousbir in Casablanca ()

According to the National Monitoring Center for Child Rights NMCC in Rabat, 43 percent of children making distress calls have sex tourism in morocco sexual abuse by foreigners usually tourists since the center began its monitoring from to These abused children are victims of sex tourists, especially those from sex tourism in morocco Gulf States and European countries.

Marrakech is well known of its widespread abuse of children within the prostitution industry and attracts many child sex tourists each year japanese massage woman to the report made by the M6 French channel. In addition, girls and boys working as domestic servants and street vendors are increasingly vulnerable to child sex tourism in morocco tourism, particularly in the cities of Marrakech and Casablanca.

Sexual tourism is generally a phenomenon which is pervasive worldwide but with varying degrees from society to. Khalid Semmouni, Coalition Goodwill ambassador, states: Actually, the causes of this phenomenon cannot be limited to a certain number as they may vary according to the socio-economic and cultural specificities of such or such a society.

However, most researches and studies carried in this regard meet upon the fact that poverty, family breakdown, and child and young women trafficking are the major causes.

The report which was sex tourism in morocco by the Moroccan coalition Goodwill ambassador Khalid Semmouni indicates close links between sex tourism, globalization and the opening of borders, adding that people are always bound to be attracted by what seems sex tourism in morocco be sugar girl daddy. The toourism adds that poverty and tkurism are also among the causes and have contributed to the prevalence of prostitution in Morocco.

This irresponsibility from the parts of Morocco towards this growing phenomenon is in fact a violation of international agreements especially that we know that Morocco has ratified the Convention against the sexual exploitation of women, CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women and the Convention on Child Rights.

The report proposes that the Penal Code be strengthened to more effectively counter the sexual abuse of women and children. Despite the considerable government efforts, including the morcco of tourism police in Marrakesh in and sex tourism in morocco conviction of over 40 tourists for pedophilia and prostitution offences since tosex tourism in morocco rights activists in the country insist that Morocco still has a long way to go to eradicate the tojrism.

The number of sex tourism scandals every year is really alarming.

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Eex the colonization of land for 44 years, it seems the country is under a new kind of exploitation, a new kind of colonization which sex tourism in morocco the colonization of the body!! All Rights Reserved.

This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. Morocco World News. Algeria Appoints New Ambassador to Morocco.

Women in Morocco: An Appraisal of their Current Status. David Keene: Friday Couscous: How to Make a Moroccan Salad.

Sex tourism in morocco

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Home Food. A Taste of Morocco: Lamb with Caramelized Apricots and Pineapple.

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Highlights Events Moroccans of the world Media Services. Facts about Hourism Tourism in Morocco. Fashion Aug 20, Culture Aug 19, Culture Aug 18,